Our philosophy:


I am a big believer in the phrase la dolce vita . . . ever heard the saying ‘Life is too short for bad wine’? Yeah, well, that.

From the moment I begrudginly open my eyes in the morning, to the moment I delicately fall into bed at the end of the evening (i.e. pass out with Lego pieces stuck in my hair), I try to live life to the fullest. Every single day should be extraordinary and I believe we all owe it to ourselves to commit to a life that is well-lived, well-thought-out, yet most importantly, sustainable. 

Quality over quantity – buy well, buy once – live elegantly, not extravagantly. All of these nail it. 

Maybe it sounds ostentatious. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes at me. Maybe you’re just cross-eyed, I don’t know . . . yet we all have a concerted responsibility to be more mindful and sustainable, in order to consequently lessen the footprint we leave behind.

Invest in products and pieces that are made responsibly, that are timeless and classic – and then cherish them for decades. Buy less food, but better food - and enjoy it, every day. Keep within your means while focusing on value over volume. 

Live with finesse, not flamboyance – panache, not pomposity. Strive for sustainability, in order to achieve the ultimate in minimalism, mindfulness, fulfillment and style.

This is the philosophy of JoLorenz.com - discovering ways to achieve sustainable style and learning from those in the know (with a couple of pimptight photos thrown in, for good measure).

Feed your body and soul with quality, and your mind with truth. Life isn’t just too short for shitty wine – it’s too short for shitty anything.

Jo Lorenz