If you choose to wear clothes (which means all of us, except my three year old), you are accountable for the considerable impact fashion has on both people’s lives and on the planet.

The planet is, sadly, in really bad shape. Every day we all need to strive for sustainability, in order to achieve the ultimate in minimalism, mindfulness, fulfilment and style.

This is one of the reasons I actively partner with fashion designers and brands who demonstrate magnanimous support of sustainable style and conscious purchasing. This includes designers/brands who:

  • support individual, traditional artisans through fair trade

  • work with suppliers who advocate a sustainable and ethical working model

  • use ethically produced materials

  • whose designs are timeless and impeccably made, remaining relevant for generations

  • have a clearly structured and transparent supply chain.

The way fashion is made, sourced and consumed, has a direct impact on both people and the environment. We are all a part of the problem - be a part of the solution too.